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I’m far from a morning person but Edd Bateman's West African Love Affair are a great way to wake up. These guys are one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen with shades of Ali Farka Touré and Mali. Their drummer is the best I’ve ever seen, wondering if he has four arms and a couple of drum-kits. They’re based in Bristol and embody the wonderful multicultural vibrancy of the city. Being a west country boy is great because I get to see these guys do their thing at least every couple of months.


So now we’re awake. But it’s a Sunday morning, so let’s mellow it down a bit with something a bit traditional. Honestly I think one of the best trad bands out there at the moment is Lankum. Irish, raw emotion and a great singer; what more could you wish for? Added to their huge talent, this lovely bunch also make up a big proportion behind the Bath Folk Festival - so they’re great people to know!


“But Will,” I hear you cry, “I need something different. Something that's moving and changing and is at the edge of the edgy-edgeness”. Never fear, I’ve got you covered. Enter Zackie Chan. One of the most original DJs on the West Country circuit at the moment. The best thing? Zackie has been live streaming on his Facebook page to drive away the lockdown blues.

Reggae hip-hop vibes that chill you out and make you groove, look no further.

Now you’re up and bouncing I bet you want more of this disc-spinning madness. Enter stage left Dr Mantis. If you want reggae hip-hop vibes that chill you out and make you groove, then look no further. More good news to give you is that these two gents often gig together, so play your cards right and you’ll be getting two for the price of one.


If you’re in need of something to chill you out and get ready for bed, who could be better than Miss Chloe Hepburn. This soulful Cheltenham-based singer-songwriter is lyrically incredibly creative. Her songs will be playing in your dreams for quite some time, especially if you’ve been lucky enough to catch her live.

Will Reynolds


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