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Privacy policy

AWTY? is a private site not run by any organisation or affiliated to any particular body. It is designed to promote the role women play in the music world as well as current music trends. 

Specific uses of information you provide to us: 

  1. Our website allows you to send us information either via the web links on our pages or via social media.

  2. We may store any personal information that you supply us with for the purposes of contacting you or supplying you with information about material on our website. We will store such information that you send via a Wix contact list or similar which will be in a secure environment.

  3. We will not supply the information you give us to any other person or organisation without your consent. We will not use this information to supply you with third party information without your consent.

  4. You can unsubscribe from our lists by using the unsubscribe button on any of the information we mail to you.

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